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Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit

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Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter KitAmong the most demanded and respected products in the vaping world, Innokin starter kits have broken new ground for combining exceptional quality and performance under a very accessible price tag. That ethos continues with the company’s latest all-in-one offering, the Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit. Featuring a sleek and modern chassis, the Innokin Proton ..

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Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit

Among the most demanded and respected products in the vaping world, Innokin starter kits have broken new ground for combining exceptional quality and performance under a very accessible price tag. That ethos continues with the company’s latest all-in-one offering, the Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit. Featuring a sleek and modern chassis, the Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Kit is loaded with the latest technologies, which is supported by the vape manufacturer’s revolutionary Proton chipset.

Additionally, the Innokin Proton Mini Starter Kit is paired with the flagship Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank. Leveraging a massive 5.0ml bubble-glass capacity reinforced with quartz materials, the Ajax Tank delivers consistently smooth flavors and unbelievable vapor production and density. With the flexibility to accommodate the fan-favorite Plex3D Coils – among the most popular Innokin coils in its history -- and the modularity inherent in its dual-slotted bottom airflow control ring, this tank by itself is worth the price of admission!

We know you’re eager to learn more so let’s dive right into it, beginning with the Proton Mini device.

Innokin Proton Mini Box Mod

In an effort to make a name for themselves, upstart vape manufacturers often introduce garish or outlandish devices, hoping that gimmicks will attract consumers. Fortunately, self-assured Innokin went the completely opposite direction when blueprinting and eventually launching the Proton Mini Box Mod.

Rather than outright pizzazz and an overdriven spectacle, the Innokin Proton Mini features clean, modern lines. Segmentations occur organically, with the chassis of the smaller-version Proton accentuated by the ultra-large 1.45-inch TFT screen. Utilizing crisp graphics and fonts, you can sight in key information about your session, even under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

For those who seek a little more personalization with their devices, the Innokin Proton Mini Box Mod forwards a unique solution. Thanks to its adjustable screensaver feature, you can upload your own photos and graphics, as well as include a custom message. Should you want, you can also select from six pre-installed theme colors.

In addition, the Innokin Proton Mini Box Mod incorporates a mini joystick underneath the TFT screen. With it, you can intuitively scroll through the various menu options and dial in your desired calibrations and settings. Further, mobile vapers will appreciate the physical element involved in menu selections.

While touchscreen technology is a nifty feature, it’s expensive and doesn’t always function properly. With the Proton Mini, you simply point and go – it’s really that simple!

Underlining the TFT digital interface, along with the multitude of innovations of this next-generation device is the Proton chipset. Engineered specifically for the compact profile of the Proton Mini, this gold-standard bearing semiconductor specifically earns high marks for power efficiencies and consistency of performance.

Through this chipset, the Innokin Proton Mini offers variable wattage, with a spectrum that starts from 6W up to a maximum of 120W. The resistance range runs from 0.1 ohm to 3.5 ohms, providing the Proton Mini with unparalleled flexibility, especially for such a diminutive vaporizer. Plus, this box mod offers the classic Innokin features, including power mode, TC mode, TCR mode, and Bypass mode.

And you guessed it: the popular Curve mode – a feature found in the latest Innokin mods – is represented here in the Proton Mini.

Powering this remarkable device is an integrated 3400 mAh rechargeable battery. Unlike other high-powered vape kits, you won’t have to buy separate batteries for the Proton Mini. Better yet, the efficiency of the underlying chipset ensures that you’ll run several consecutive sessions before requiring an energy replenishment.

Fortunately, downtime for the above process is very minimal, thanks to the 2A quick charge option. Plug the Proton Mini into an outlet or laptop using the microUSB cable and before you know it, you’ll have a fully charged device. As well, the Proton Mini integrates multiple safety features, such as overheating, over-discharging and short-circuit protections, giving you the confidence to deploy the device at your leisure.

Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank

Complementing the Proton Mini Kit is the other end of the equation: the Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank. A vanguard of the latest generation of Innokin vape tanks, the Ajax – like the underlying box mod – features clean aesthetics that articulate the mod’s sleek lines. But don’t mistake understated for unattractive, as the Ajax features a pristine ambiance that is the envy of the vape tank industry.

Furthermore, this tank abounds with usability. For starters, the Ajax incorporates a bubble-glass reservoir with a 5.0ml e-liquid capacity. This translates to multiple, robust sessions without requiring a refill. But when that moment arrives, the Ajax incorporates a proprietary swivel-top refill system. Activate it to slide out the top cap, revealing a large fill portal. Drip in your favorite liquid concoction, slide the top back into place and you’re back in the race.

Second, the Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank features plug ‘n’ play coil installation. When you’re ready to replace your atomizer head, you simply unthread the tank from the mod, pop out the old coil, slide the new one and reverse the process. Innokin makes the installation procedure intuitive, even for newcomers to the digital arts.

Most importantly, the Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank features compatibility with Plex3D Coils. Thanks to their distinctive architecture, these atomizers facilitate maximum uptake of e-juices with little to no waste. The result is astonishingly flavorful sessions that also lead to ridiculously thick, voluminous plumes. For further modification of draw characteristics, you can adjust the dual-slotted bottom airflow control ring – open the channels for loose, soothing sensations or narrow them for satisfyingly tight hits.

Included in the Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit are two atomizer heads: a 0.16-ohm Plex3D Matrix Coils (rated for 50W to 80W) and a 0.35-ohm Plex3D Coil (rated for 30W to 55W). With so many options include in the package, the only question you’ll have is deciding which color you want.


 Purchase Replacement Coils for the Innokin Ajax Tank


Innokin Proton Mini Box Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Innokin

Wattage Range: 6W – 120W

Resistance Range: 0.1 Ohm – 3.5 Ohms

Battery Compatibility: Integrated 3400 mAh rechargeable battery

Threading: 510

Available Colors: Sunset, Pink Chrome, Crystal Blue, Nebula, Green Demon, Black

Height: 4.72 inches (120 mm)

Width: 1.77 inches (45 mm)

Depth: 1.18 Inches (30 mm)


Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: Innokin

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 5.0 ml

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24mm)


Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Innokin Proton Mini Box Mod

1 x Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

1 x MicroUSB Cable

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Starter Kit Features:

Revolutionary new starter kit from Innokin

Stylish, minimalist and mature design

Premium-grade construction materials

Ultra-large TFT digital screen interface

Mini joystick for easier menu selections

Rapid-fire response rate

Integrated 3400mAh battery

Includes the flagship Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank

Versatile vaping options

Consistency across performance metrics

100% authentic Innokin

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